We are raising funds to help empower vulnerable Yazidi women living in refugee camps in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. 

With our partners Lotus Flower Trust we are teaching women to sew, and providing them with the tools and equipment to create sellable garments, providing them with a small income, independence and perhaps most importantly, helping to rehabilitate them. 


The atrocities many of these Yazidi women are unimaginable, from one of Iraq's oldest minorities these women are perhaps the most vulnerable in the middle East. From unconceivable brutality at the hands of Daesh, including rape, kidnap and slavery, it is hardly surprising that many survivors find it impossible to cope after escaping.


With the region being under significant financial pressure, and many agencies on the ground unable to help, they are in dire need of an alternative way out of the poverty cycle.

Sewing Sisters is providing them with this way out, giving the most vulnerable women in the camp the skills and confidence to create school uniforms which our partners, Lotus Flower sell to local schools.  


We need your help for this project to survive. 






Do you work in the manufacturing or fashion industry? Do you work for a brand which seeks to empower women?

Do you have crafts/ sewing/ fashion fundraising ideas? If so please get in touch so we can work together!

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